Shipping or Delivery is FREE worldwide, no charges at all.
You’ll only pay for the product that you purchased.

Handling time 7-10 business days and estimated delivery between 15-25 business days.
It still depends on your location, after the order is placed, you’ll recieve an email for the duration.

What happens after the order is to wait for it’s arrival,
we will confirm your order and you’ll recieve an email for confirmation.

Invoice will be sent through email or after the order has been placed.
You can also view the invoice during checkout.


The payment will be charge of your bank account after you place the order.

Wish lists are collections of desired products you saved for your account, signifying interest without immediate intent to purchase.

Email us on our customer’s support team and we will be happy to talk with you.
You only need to do is to provide proof (Image or Video) showing that the item arrives with damage.
If you received the wrong product, check the name of the item on the invoice or the email we sent after the order has been placed. We will offer a refund for the damaged or wrong product arrived and you need to return the product. You’ll receive a refund from the courier company after you return the product
or we will refund it through the bank account when the returned product has been confirmed.

Buyers can only request for cancellation once for every order. Once your request is rejected or withdrawn, you would not be able to submit another cancellation request for the same order. To know how to request to cancel your order, click here.

For Unpaid and Unconfirmed Orders
You can instantly cancel your order within an hour after payment is verified and/or before we arrange pickup/enters the tracking number. If a paid order is canceled, we will automatically process a refund to your account.

For Paid and Confirmed Orders
If the cancellation is raised after 1 hour, the request has to be approved by our team. You will need to wait for 48 hours for us to respond to your cancellation request.
If we approve your cancellation request, you will be refunded to your bank account. To know how to get your refund, click here.
If we reject your cancellation request, the processing of your order will proceed.
If we fail to respond within 48 hours, then your order will automatically be canceled and refunded.
Once your order is already shipped out, you can no longer cancel your order.
Note: If an order is not shipped within the expected Ship Time or Days-to-ship (DTS) period, it will automatically be canceled and refunded.

Package tracking or package logging is the process of localizing parcel post at different points of time during package delivery to verify the provenance and to predict and aid delivery

A tracking number or tracking code is a unique number assigned to each package, which allows you to monitor the movement of the parcel between the countries or even inside one country.